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Sun 12 Jul 2020
at 15:52
Rise of the Underdark (Gestalt DnD 5e)

Rise of the Underdark is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Gestalt game which will feature drow (and their allies) working to extend their collective power into the world above, with the end goal of conducting a ritual, devised by House Xorlarrin wizards, which will to bring about Endless Night.

I would like to recruit about 5 players to this campaign. This campaign starts with your characters being recruited as the eyes, ears, mind and muscle of House Xorlarrin who plans the above listed ambitious plan. In order for House Xorlarrin to accomplish this, they will first need to defeat and subjugate the great Dwarf Kingdom, Bog Ladur, which stands in its way.

Players will start at level 8. I created this game as [Adult], to keep it safe from immaturity, OOC fights, and to capitalize on players knowing that this game has a certain quality to it and I like my players to keep to that standard.

What I would like to see in this Campaign:
    A tight group of roleplayers who are able to roleplay freely amongst themselves.
    Cooperative assistance among players to help understand context and rules.
    A mature approach to villainy and the roleplaying of "evil" alignments.

If you have read this please list, at least, three things you would like to see in or from this Campaign and include it with your RTJ.

RTJ applications will close on July 19, 2020.